Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Un peu de joie!

Things that have made me smile inside today :)

Sunshine! (so rare, so beautiful!)
- flicking the trip switch and the power
coming back on in the flat (thanks to my Dad who seems to know just about everything!)
- Reading a happy memory evoking post by
- bumping into people I love around about campus
bumping into a girl who I knew from the year below me in school and was practically my next door neighbour in joyous South Queensferry,
in the Boyd Orr (First time I've seen her in Glasgow) Almost no one from my school is at Glasgow uni except me and now her!
- Craig's new glasses! hehe ;)
- and this
Ah the simple things in life!

Someday I will write a post without bullet points


Pete said...

Ah, but bullet points are so temptingly delicious. Why?
- They just are.
- They enable simple presentation of information which would otherwise be presented in a tedious list.
- They pander to those of us with methodical minds.
One of my medic mates has a bit of a thing about not putting full stops at the end of bullet points ("They're not sentences, they're bullet points!") Opinions?

Dish said...

I quite agree Pete! I end up just rambling if I don't separate out my thoughts via bullet points! And who needs full stops at the end of them!

Sonja said...

in the words of big gav
bullet points - "always"
full stops - "never"....

steph said...

Hey Dish! Just read your post today and was like, "Wow! That's exactly how I've been feeling inside since the weekend", but due to different things. I'm so glad I had communion on the hill and got stuck in the mud on the way back... Lovely! :-)