Tuesday, November 22, 2005

J'etais un somnambule

Yeah! Finally shaken off sleep deprivation and aching muscles!! Such persistent accumulation of sleep deprivation I find, is not easy to be rid of! Despite having 12 hours sleep on Sunday night, I was still absolutely shattered on Monday! Still twas worth the weekend! Some of my highlights include...

- a tear-jerking Harry Potter viewing in student filled UGC (or whatever rubbish name it has now) cinema at 5 past midnight on Friday morning! (granted that's not technically part of the weekend, but it was one of the causes of my being a somnambule for various chunks of the weekend.)
- renditions of various songs from musicals round the bonfire
- gazing at pretty fire-fly like sparks against the night sky
- trees
- God speaking to and answering me in so many ways!
- beautiful sunrise on Sunday morning
- getting my favourite kind of black pepper for 20p in the food auction just before we left
- getting to know people I didn't know, better and spending quality time with people I already know and love
- Andy and Gavin the goths! hehe
- dancing in the moonlight!
- playing a song in 2 different keys ;)

I'm sure I've missed some...

Unpleasant effects of the weekend
- the nasty effects of sleep deprivation
- growing collection of bruises
- being so tired yesterday, that I left my purse in the flat when trying to get the underground to st georges cross for band practice, which I didn't realise till I arrived at the underground complete with cello, so had to run back and get it, up gardner st with cello, then back down again, missing the train by a matter of seconds
- hitting earth with a thump and realising I have a massive cloud of deadlines and foot long todolists to meet! and

Ca valait la peine!

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