Thursday, November 24, 2005

Pourquoi?! Ca c'est la question.

Ok, just going back on what I said in the previous post about not making more than one in the same day! Having one of those dilemna which seem to frequently crop up in my life where I suddenly have a several options of things to do, all of which will undoubtedly be class, all of which I want to do, all on the same night! Options include...
- Spending time with people I haven't seen in ages
- Doing things I haven't done before and are reasonably exciting but with people I know
- Doing something I haven't done in aaages with people I know and don't know!

Many questions have cropped up in my head as a result of this.

- Why can't people ask me to do things on different nights?!
- Will I always be this indecisive?
- Why do I stress about such trivial things and then not stress about the fact that I have piles of work to do?

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chiisai sutefu said...

Ah, the wonders of student life... The secret is knowing when to say no. Unfortunately, you don't learn that till 4th year when you really HAVE to study for your finals and live in the library till it's over. It's a shame you still have to go through with it... But you're an Arts student. At least your trauma will end way before the others. :-) Plus, you grow closer to God better than you ever have before, so, it sounds bad, but it's an experience you'll not regret.

So young........ (sigh)