Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mon fil des pensées

aaah this is scary... tis more like posting a chunk of myself than a fragment... un morceau de moi! But I don't think I could say what I want to say any other way...

I've spent my days,
my time with you
simply being.
Simply bee...ing
Busy bustle, brustle buzz
infuriating, grating. Simply
doing, doing, doing
Always action, never

There comes a point from time to time
when we must stop and let things drop
when we must think and eat and drink
when we must listen, sometimes talk
when we must wait...
let time drift from point to point.
I'm waiting here
with you,
for you.
Simply breathing.


nealb said...


thank you :o)

Jim said...

im thinkin racy backin track and band?

Jim said...

..in bee fancy dress.

Sonja said...

bee yoo tiful xxx
saw you twice today missy ; ur everywhere!