Friday, March 31, 2006

L'habitude est une seconde nature

Back in the East again and trying to make the most of the time I have with family and old friends while I have it whilst somehow revising french grammar... hmmm... proving to be a difficult task since L'habitude est une seconde nature

Still twas sooo nice being back at my home church yesterday! Though it scares me when I see folks I remember as tiny kids being ridiculously tall (including my little sis in this) and babies and bumps seemingly popping up in every nook and cranny.
And Edinburgh castle was free in the afternoon for a nice change so branched out and went to investigate with some Edinburgh medics from church (gaasp!). (photos may soon follow). We spent half an hour deciding whether it was worth it to go and stand in the massive queue, half an hour in the queue, and then half an hour in the castle itself, most of which was spent staring at the gorgeous view. (I'm from such a beeeeeautiful city!) hmmm... productive use of time...?

Here's a question, it' s been sunny since I got here - Is the weather really better in the east than in the west?

Still it seems even when my resolve is as feeble and as flimsy as a twig, I can rest on The Rock, which never lets me down.

Lord lead me to the rock that's higher than I!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Un chose un peu differente...

Yet another post - enough for you I hope Miss Mac!! :P

Branching out here... Hebrew is the coolest language ever! (just about as cool as French!) Had a couple of Hebrew lessons with a Mad one with the hope of getting beneath the surface of the Bible. This Mad, blogless girl (otherwise there would be a lovely hypertext link right about here) who is also of the theology student variety has been passing on exciting knowledge she's been gleaning from lectures. Anyhoo, I was informed that the very first word in the Old Testament (phonetically - bereshiit) usually translated as- "In the beginning" - (Unfortunately I couldn't get Hebrew fonts to appear on the blog so you can see the verse at the bottom of this page in Hebrew script.), literally translates as "in a beginning". "In a beginning" seems to communicate so much more, seems to infer continuity, existence before and after what we term as "the beginning" - For me tis a window into the mind-blowing concept of eternity... I guess our human minds are cantonné by time, the concept of time, the reality of time. Our lives are like grains of sand on the Sahara desert in the light of eternity... scaary...
And yet, these last few days, having un peu de temps on my hands, I've had time to reflect back and see how God's been shaping and working and changing and moving, underlying the little things, sweeping over the big things and suddenly it doesn't seem so scary. The God who said the word and the stars fell into place, our God who was and is and is to come... cares intimately about us -

Hebrew is a cooool language!

ce charmant coeur

Just want to take this opportunity to plug a certain canadian singer who you might have noticed playing on the blogging kings page. Not only has she been gifted with a beeeatiful voice but even sings some songs en francais!!!!!!!! Discovered her on this fantabulous site on which gems such as this boy here,this boy have been found and there are even tracks on it from better known artists such as this very well-loved and blogged
about boy! mmmmm.... muuuuusic!

Monday, March 13, 2006


... was a most blog-worthy event!
... brought the city of Glasgow to a standstill
... stranded folks in the centre of glasgow on a saturday night. (I've never seen such a sorry sight as two girls in tiny skirts and tops, makeup and tears dripping down their faces with desperation written in their eyes, standing shivering in the snow, because they had been unable to get a taxi home! - fortunately they found warmth)
... brought everyone outside in the early hours of the morning
... caused services (though not church :D) at various churches to be cancelled
... meant that we had an awesome afternoon long church accompanied by muffins at our flat... followed by food and snowball fights
... also instigated some igloo building
... when compacted, made it take 10 minutes to walk from one end of White Street to the other
... seemed to be a way God was using to draw folks together in bizarre ways!
... rendered me a giggly extremely excited jumpy hyperactive child-like mess!

A day qui m'a fait réfléchir

Monday, March 06, 2006

On s'appararente

A weekend passed by in a very pretty part of the snow-covered lake-district and I learnt a few things...

- The volume and pitch of my laugh is hereditary
- Gloria Estefan has a Swiss sounding name
- I used to bear a strong resemblance to Elmo
- The word "bigunk" does not describe the noise made from when falling from a great height, nor is he one's oldest male relative, nor is it even when a seagull disposes of its waste on one's head, but rather, is to fool or deceive someone
- The years I spend as a student will most likely be the best years of my life
- Don't even attempt to fight over a bedroom with two lawyers

To summarise: My family are mad and I love them for it!