Monday, February 27, 2006

Coin a Phrase

- A "Skea Moment" - when one does something of an extremely ditsy nature e.g completely misses the thread of a conversation or what is going on right in front of one's eyes. Synonym: blonde moment: "That was a skea moment", "she just had a skea moment" Origins of word - the word "skea" a certain Mr Skea, who lives perpetually in the moment. Also comes from the gaelic word "sgith" /ski/ - tired.

- Anyone remember Captain BuckyoHare - been singing the theme tune all weekend! (thanks to Irish Gav and his flatmates dvd collection)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Don't blame it on the sunshine!

even though I am tempted to:

this lightnessinmystepeyewideningglowinducing is not normal!

The last few days have been quality!

Voici les points forts...
- Crazy Dancing at the QM!
- silly TV and a jam at his!
- hanging out with non-blogging flatmate
- eating with lots of different people... mmmm...
- sunshine
- shopping with mother and sister
- finally getting round to getting a haircut
- sunshine
- playing a grand piano in the RSAMD
- 2 band practices
- sunshine
- sausages @ his
- getting my lab report in
- sunshine
- pretending to be a medic

In response to your comment Jonny... I did enjoy it! Though at times did feel a little out of place and was almost overcome by a strong desire to thrown in all those abbreviations I know "How was your PBL... Oh yeah I had him as my VS tutor... I spent all of yesterday in the SL"

Thankfully I didn't!


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bugs that turn blue!

Aaaaaahhhh the amaaaazingness

Must see items include:

- Karaoke (watch till the end!)
- The Weekly Prayer Song (looovely!)
- The Daily Song does actually change everyday (more procrastination hooraah!)
- Everything musically related!
- Joke of the week! (this week's is quality)
- The daily prayer

Watch out for bugs that turn blue :)

Special acknowledgments to my non-blogging flatmate who pointed me in the direction of the site!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Resplendent In Gowns!

... the motto spoken when port glasses are raised by the Glasgow University Academic Dress Appreciation society, the society at whose meeting Michie and I were meant to be playing music. Unfortunately a piano did not materialise but instead we had the joys of experiencing the first ever meeting of the society!
Highlights include...

- Singing the French national anthem with our left hands on our heads after all "our French cousins are very stylish" but we had to have our left hands on our heads "to show that we don't agree with it".

- Elections of positions such as President/Madame Binky, Keeper of the Robes (Secretary), The Whip and Adhoc Song Committee

- Narrowly escaping being lumped into the Stylistic committee which el Presidente suggested the three of us who are going to France next year should do, since of course we will be exposed to much style in France

- A minutes silence so we could all think about academic dress and how much we appreciate it

- Passing round a Calvin and Hobbes book as a talking stick

- Learning that our current academic dress robes are bright orange/red

- Eating far too many fairy cakes iced in faculty colours

Afterwards once everyone has gone there was a session en secret of chair climbing in the GUU reading room. The aim of the game, to get from one side of the room to the other without touching the floor.

Funniest night I've had in weeks!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Heure de Pointe

Ever felt like a high speed train whoooooooshing along and you've forgotten how to brake...?

Thank God for sunshine and Fridays!