Monday, November 28, 2005


Think I should definitely curb my use of this word... Yet it seems to slip off my tongue at every possible occasion, in every possible context.
For example it was the first word that came to mind when I thought of this weekend. I don't see why it should be, when so many other words would better describe it...
spontaneous, erratic, bizarre, chaotic, untypical, exceptional, unusual...
I could go on... instead I will let the thesaurus speak for me. In fact just looking at that thesaurus has made me realise why I use the word random... I mean 36 entries! That's 36 possible meanings!

In other words, je ne suis que paresseuse ;)

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Pourquoi?! Ca c'est la question.

Ok, just going back on what I said in the previous post about not making more than one in the same day! Having one of those dilemna which seem to frequently crop up in my life where I suddenly have a several options of things to do, all of which will undoubtedly be class, all of which I want to do, all on the same night! Options include...
- Spending time with people I haven't seen in ages
- Doing things I haven't done before and are reasonably exciting but with people I know
- Doing something I haven't done in aaages with people I know and don't know!

Many questions have cropped up in my head as a result of this.

- Why can't people ask me to do things on different nights?!
- Will I always be this indecisive?
- Why do I stress about such trivial things and then not stress about the fact that I have piles of work to do?

Peut-être trop pour vous?

Feel like gushing about many things right now, but I meant to post this a while ago and thought maybe two posts on one day would be a bit excessive so... in order to curb my prattle... today I would like to share the discovery of this extremely useful site (via the wonders of googling!). Well... Useful for my presentation next week anyway...

It's takes soo little to amuse me while I'm supposed to be writing an essay!

It has just occurred to me how sad I must seem to you all!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

J'etais un somnambule

Yeah! Finally shaken off sleep deprivation and aching muscles!! Such persistent accumulation of sleep deprivation I find, is not easy to be rid of! Despite having 12 hours sleep on Sunday night, I was still absolutely shattered on Monday! Still twas worth the weekend! Some of my highlights include...

- a tear-jerking Harry Potter viewing in student filled UGC (or whatever rubbish name it has now) cinema at 5 past midnight on Friday morning! (granted that's not technically part of the weekend, but it was one of the causes of my being a somnambule for various chunks of the weekend.)
- renditions of various songs from musicals round the bonfire
- gazing at pretty fire-fly like sparks against the night sky
- trees
- God speaking to and answering me in so many ways!
- beautiful sunrise on Sunday morning
- getting my favourite kind of black pepper for 20p in the food auction just before we left
- getting to know people I didn't know, better and spending quality time with people I already know and love
- Andy and Gavin the goths! hehe
- dancing in the moonlight!
- playing a song in 2 different keys ;)

I'm sure I've missed some...

Unpleasant effects of the weekend
- the nasty effects of sleep deprivation
- growing collection of bruises
- being so tired yesterday, that I left my purse in the flat when trying to get the underground to st georges cross for band practice, which I didn't realise till I arrived at the underground complete with cello, so had to run back and get it, up gardner st with cello, then back down again, missing the train by a matter of seconds
- hitting earth with a thump and realising I have a massive cloud of deadlines and foot long todolists to meet! and

Ca valait la peine!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mon fil des pensées

aaah this is scary... tis more like posting a chunk of myself than a fragment... un morceau de moi! But I don't think I could say what I want to say any other way...

I've spent my days,
my time with you
simply being.
Busy bustle, brustle buzz
infuriating, grating. Simply
doing, doing, doing
Always action, never

There comes a point from time to time
when we must stop and let things drop
when we must think and eat and drink
when we must listen, sometimes talk
when we must wait...
let time drift from point to point.
I'm waiting here
with you,
for you.
Simply breathing.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Mystery of the Invisible Psychology Tutorial

Originally wrote this post as one big long paragraph, then realised how much was lacking without bullet points...

Yes I managed to lose my psychology class... though I have been subsequently informed by my tutor that they were there the whole time! Thinking they were perhaps simply enveloppé de mystère? Hmmmm...
Other events worth mention in the past few days include...
- A 5 year old style fall, tripping on my jeans on White Street, scraping hands, knee and elbow and earning a plaster with a smiley face on my knee (courtesy of flatmate Mama Beth)
- Going to see a random friend of a friends gig in Oran Mor (the friend of a friend happened to be a cellist)
- Mike, Georgia, Eliza and I being fed a 3 course meal at Sonja's family's manor country house (homemade sticky toffee pudding... mmmmmmmmmm...)
- and finally realising that God's been trying to get my attention for quite a while now.
Really need to start paying more attention to my surroundings.

Much better! Bullet points really do render a post more comprehensible.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Un peu de joie!

Things that have made me smile inside today :)

Sunshine! (so rare, so beautiful!)
- flicking the trip switch and the power
coming back on in the flat (thanks to my Dad who seems to know just about everything!)
- Reading a happy memory evoking post by
- bumping into people I love around about campus
bumping into a girl who I knew from the year below me in school and was practically my next door neighbour in joyous South Queensferry,
in the Boyd Orr (First time I've seen her in Glasgow) Almost no one from my school is at Glasgow uni except me and now her!
- Craig's new glasses! hehe ;)
- and this
Ah the simple things in life!

Someday I will write a post without bullet points

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

prelibatezze!!!! far my favourite part of this weekend! That amongst engaging in the girliest possible chat, encountering a random collection of very forward men (the stereotype is true!)and being literally soaked in culture (in all senses of the word!)
Also learnt that you can get by in Italy with a knowledge of a romance language (they all sound the same really!) and the following words...
- Bonjourno
- Grazie/Per favore
- Prego (heard it used in so many contexts! Amaaazing word!)
- Ciao
Funny how communication is able to transcend language so easily... though that doesn't stop me loving it in all its forms!

Photos should be posted shortly

Friday, November 04, 2005

A mugs-worth

So as usual I'm supposed to be working, what with lab reports and an Italy trip (wooohooo) amongst other things...
Yet the pull of the distraction was too strong, but as usual my excuses are many and will-power in short supply... incontournable! Have a few thoughts anyway that have been brewing in my head over the last few days that I needed to drain into something.
- Gave my one and only cello pupil her first lesson back just on Monday. I love teaching! Though I'm thinking "regurgitating advice given to me in the past by my Dad and cello teacher and getting paid for it" is a better way of describing it! Is there such a thing as an original piece of advice?
- In mid philosophical discussion over dinner with a wannabe philosophy student friend I was asked why I believe what I believe. Why should I find that such a difficult question to answer?
- Why does it always rain on me? Is it because I live in Glasgow?

These are not rhetorical questions. ;)

A presto!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Twas inevitable really!


For blogging

- Tis an excellent procrastination tool
- I always fancied the idea of having one
- Any excuse to spraff is a welcome one

Against blogging

- Tis an excellent procrastination tool
- Don't really want to jump on the band wagon

Well I just have...