Sunday, July 24, 2011

I didn't know whether to cheer really loudly or cry (ok admittedly I burst into tears) when I watched a tutsi woman at 46:33 during this documentary - - say that God helped her to forgive the people who murdered all 12 members of her family, and see how her and the perpetrators live side by side, even look after each others' children! Sounds like a weird thing to celebrate, but I was so moved by it - forgiveness is so powerful, so free-ing, full reconciliation even more so. And it was Jesus' sacrifice that made it so! Yesss for forgiveness! Hooooooray for God!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

A good walk to do.

The Fife Coastal Path - who would have thought. The East Coast, tamer than the West but rather pretty. We started at my parents, conveniently located a couple of miles away from the start from the path.

It's signposted by this.

(nice colourful logo don't you think?)

The route from North Queensferry to Aberdour, starts in some nice woods. There were lots of dog walkers and I mean LOTS of dog walkers. Beware of over-enthusiastic wet dogs. We got clambered over twice.

Do this bit in the spring.

Then you hit the weirdest part of the route. As the woods open out and you can see the coast curve inwards, you pass a quarry on your left and a rubbish dump on your right. (Yes we are weird enough to have photographed it!)

Then you pass through the town of Dalkeith and as you come out and hit the coastline again, there are some rocks (if you're quiet enough you may come across an unsuspecting merman), and an industrial relic/musical instrument.

Then some more woods, beautiful views...
...blossoms, followed by a walk around a "dangerous" radioactive part of the firth, then finally long straight roman-road-esque paths lined with daffodils and more dogs of course (I banned Mark from the camera at this point as I was despairing that we would actually finish the walk what with the amount of times we stopped to take photos).

And finally Aberdour...

A good walk all in all.