Friday, January 27, 2006


- With much sleep deprivation post-exam time was spent.

- With much splish, splash and moaning, la rue blanche traversed

- With far too much caffiene this week has crept by

- With plenty of music, as always... bien-sur

- With many potatoes an afternoon a la Burns, kept busy

- With many laughs that evening, a Burns play... played... silly

- And with an "oooooffff" and a "thud" a Glasgow drunk hurls himself over an underground station ticket barrier.

With not much of a bang, this term has started...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Les atermoiements

my last exam is over yipppeeeeee! The question is ... now what do I do with my time?! Procrastination is great as long as there is something to procrastinate from... though I suppose I could getting reading done for French, do some food shopping, tidy my room...
I suppose I'll always have something to procrastinate from, and while that's the case, life is always entertaining!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

After a voyage on the Dawn Treader

On a milk-white sea I sail, in calm.
Where warm, soft breezes sweet are breathing,
Depths are calling
Anchor wanting
Sleep is pending
I'm just drifting...

Calm, though storms around rage wildly
Rains drench blindly
Lightning strikes me
Skies are falling
I'm still drifting...

Calm, hemmed by a current, guiding
Steers behind me
Draws before me waves
that hold me
so you drift me
... on

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Je trouve toujours un moyen d'atermoyer!

Was talking to my fellow blogger and flatmate about the fact that neither of us have really blogged since coming back to Glasgow as there hasn't really been anything to blog. Life has very much been all library and not much else. A continuous humdrum of studying and psychology and form filling (the form filling is far more stressful than the studying to be honest!) It's not that I don't appreciate the place... I love the library in fact! We're pretty fortunate I might add; not many universities have a 12 floor wonder like ours. And now that they've added those wonderful leather couches that are comfortable enough to sit on for a few hours at a time and yet not too comfy that you could easily fall asleep, on on some of the levels: Could studying ever reach better heights?!

(that last question was not rhetorical)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

l'esprit d'escalier

I had always thought that I understood this until a recent French lecture where my favourite French tutor explained what it actually meant. (sorry Sonj if I'm spilling your secrets here!) Apparently tis a uniquely French concept: that feeling we all get, having just left a room, from an interview for example, and suddenly remembering all those things that we'd intended to say and had forgotten whilst on our way down the stairs, that feeling we get when we want to turn back time and redo the whole thing again.
L'esprit d'escalier pretty much sums up how I feel about resolution-making. Oh I always make them! Year in, year out. Usually the same ones each year. They do have their good points, on the one hand I love being able to look back to them and see how I have actually moved on in the year, even though it doesn't And yet just a few weeks into the year I always manage to mess them up. And by the middle of the year they're completely forgotten about. There are little ones, like trying to revoke those silly bad habits I've never quite got rid of to, my most used one has to be "Keep Room Tidy" and then there's the one I've used more commonly in recent years "Spend more time with God" which I've always messed up within the week.
This year I've decided not to make any resolutions. That doesn't mean I'm not going to continue striving for more, seeking more... For me it just means a change in attitude; going into the New Year grateful for the exciting stuff that's gone on before, and it has been soooo exciting! God has exceeded my expectations, demonstrating that he is so much greater than any box I try to put him in countless times, and
pouring so much grace and love into my life even though it's so undeserved! There have been plenty of changes, many new friendships, and I've learnt soooo much! And yet this this new year holds many more changes, especially with the fact that I'll be heading out to France for 9 months. So I'm stepping into this new year with eyes open, expectant and excited and ready to live whatever lies in store!

And so to all Je vous souhaite une Bonne Année!