Tuesday, November 08, 2005


...by far my favourite part of this weekend! That amongst engaging in the girliest possible chat, encountering a random collection of very forward men (the stereotype is true!)and being literally soaked in culture (in all senses of the word!)
Also learnt that you can get by in Italy with a knowledge of a romance language (they all sound the same really!) and the following words...
- Bonjourno
- Grazie/Per favore
- Prego (heard it used in so many contexts! Amaaazing word!)
- Ciao
Funny how communication is able to transcend language so easily... though that doesn't stop me loving it in all its forms!

Photos should be posted shortly


nealb said...

looking forward to seeing some photos soon!

Jim said...

welcome back to glasvegas : )

Sonja said...

too much to blog about :-)
your delicious girl xx