Tuesday, April 25, 2006

...qu'elle soit futile ou profonde, jamais une chanson ne sauvra le monde...

I recommend the gigging appearance to all you who music! All the gigs I've done so far with mes bandes (can count them on one hand so far... but that's not the point) have been so very different and sooo very class!

1. With "Simpletones" (cello, trumpet, drums, guitar/singer) (watch this space - the name could change for the third time - that Toby's never satisfied!)
Venue: RSAMD.
Highlights included
- Phil the drummer getting a throne to play on
- nice lighting and smoke machine
- 3 amaaazing bands playing after us, an accoustic jazz trio who poached our drummer, a crazy ska reggae band with many veeery good brassists and an awesome acid jazz/funk band
(the best part was I had "dish moments" with them all! hehe )

2. With "Simpletones" again.
Venue: This guy's flat as a charity band night/80s party to raise money for some girl going to save squirrels (or something similar) in Peru. (This was raised through selling drink as the guys had a bar in their flat)
The best bits had to be
- The fact that this was the night when it
snowed buckets! thus resulting in a snowball fight at 3am
- Meeting lots of crazy PDE students
- jamming scottish tunes at half 4 in the morning

3. With "Potential Strangers" (2 acoustic guitars, cello, all vocalists) Unfortunately only 2 of us could make it, since Terry was sick :( However...
- We got to play to a reasonably filled up Albert Hall in Stirling!
- We got fed pizza by
son pere
- There were lots of other quality acts who played including

4. With "Simpletones" just this weekend.
Highlights included:
The venue
- banter on stage, eversoslightdisorganisation turning into a source of much amusement

- Finally getting to socialise with all the boys afterwards (out of band context)

NB - I do not include jamming/busking experiences on this list. It would get too long if I were to do that. But I recommend that people try this out too. (I do however include this photo courtesy of Jamie)

P.S I took a fair few photos on that page anyway

En conclusion: Playing music in random places = gallons and gallons of fun!


Andy said...

Any chance of you needing another band member to play the random triangle that appeared Sunday night? I'm thinking it could be the big break I've been waiting for!

dave said...

hmm, the panoticon is a great venue, so wonderfully artsy! your band was good too...radiohead crossed with jeff buckley and miles davis, nice!

looking fwd to all the busking in july..t'will be grand!

Sonja said...

does fun actually come in gallons? i think fun comes in tonnes. fun - solid or liquid? it's soooooo not a gas.