Monday, March 13, 2006


... was a most blog-worthy event!
... brought the city of Glasgow to a standstill
... stranded folks in the centre of glasgow on a saturday night. (I've never seen such a sorry sight as two girls in tiny skirts and tops, makeup and tears dripping down their faces with desperation written in their eyes, standing shivering in the snow, because they had been unable to get a taxi home! - fortunately they found warmth)
... brought everyone outside in the early hours of the morning
... caused services (though not church :D) at various churches to be cancelled
... meant that we had an awesome afternoon long church accompanied by muffins at our flat... followed by food and snowball fights
... also instigated some igloo building
... when compacted, made it take 10 minutes to walk from one end of White Street to the other
... seemed to be a way God was using to draw folks together in bizarre ways!
... rendered me a giggly extremely excited jumpy hyperactive child-like mess!

A day qui m'a fait réfléchir


Andy said...

Wohoo! Vive la snow!

chiisai sutefu said...

Aaw! Sounds like you had brilliant fun! :-D