Thursday, April 20, 2006

I have been procrastinating from blogging...

Yes I know! This defeats the purpose of blogging really, or at least my purpose for blogging. This blog is a very handy procrastination tool (of course I do enjoy the blogging as well) but no, I have been studying in order to avoid this next blog entry simply because of indecisiveness, being unsure of what to and not to include in this next blog entry.

The last wee while has been an interesting mush of ups and downs, there has been some quality banter and hanging out with various people, from language geeks to CU peeps, in Edinburgh and in Glasgow, plenty studying of course (as I should be doing right now), a crazy Easter weekend brim-full with musicing. I have learnt that Gambit my fav x-man was French and that he is going to be in X-Men 3 (He'd better be - I couldn't find him on the cast listing. I'll be heart-broken if he's not!), that severe radiation to the brain reduces salivation output, and to say something is random en francais would be to say "c'est h.s"!
My good friend Douglas, medic (though not of the NI variety), tech, our flat superhero and
photographer extraordinaire told me about a line that someone put at the bottom of an email he received - "May we all be surprised again by Easter" I thought and thought and thought about this before and throughout the weekend, wanting so much to be surprised, and I was, though I didn't expect what surprised me, to surprise me. Strangely, although I knew the story inside out, I'd somehow forgotten that Jesus rose again, or at least hadn't thought about it in a while. The simple incredible fact that he overcame death was a surprise again to me!
Thank God for grace that overcomes all my rubbishness, that paid the price I couldn't pay!

Aaaand... back to the stats project

Our French orals might be cancelled... AAAAAAHHHHH!!! Woooooopeeeee for the AUT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Andy said...

Does your 'maybe' include french 1B too?

Francis said...

Good post - worthy of a comment :)

chiisai sutefu said...

I love Gambit too! He's totally the reason I used to watch X-men! Way excited about the new movie.