Thursday, April 20, 2006

Oral exams are cancelled for definite!

Even if does make tutor Dougal sad :( je dois avouer que I can't help but feel happy!


That's one less exam to worry about!


Jennington said...

ah dish good one!

woudl you like to sit one my exam for me instead? :)

Jennington said...

oh my goodness, i have just realised i cannot type to save my life!

dish: would you like to sit one of my exams for me instead?

Dish said...

Thanks for the offer Jenners, but I still have another 5 to sit :)

ailsa said...

haha,you're clearly from edinburger..calling ppl 'jenners', dish..i have only 2 exams..woohoooo..

Clairy said...

Yeh and some of us have 6,and that's with two oral exams canceled! lol