Monday, March 06, 2006

On s'appararente

A weekend passed by in a very pretty part of the snow-covered lake-district and I learnt a few things...

- The volume and pitch of my laugh is hereditary
- Gloria Estefan has a Swiss sounding name
- I used to bear a strong resemblance to Elmo
- The word "bigunk" does not describe the noise made from when falling from a great height, nor is he one's oldest male relative, nor is it even when a seagull disposes of its waste on one's head, but rather, is to fool or deceive someone
- The years I spend as a student will most likely be the best years of my life
- Don't even attempt to fight over a bedroom with two lawyers

To summarise: My family are mad and I love them for it!


Andy said...

I just don't get it! I t snows in the north. It snows in the south. It even snows in the east! So where's the snow in Glasgow this year!?

Ken said...

"The years I spend as a student will most likely be the best years of my life"

That's an unusually despondent statement for you dish ;-)

Dish said...

You should have heard them talking about all the stuff they have to put up with at work! It scared me! :s Love the site Ken! hilarious!

Jim said...

i think we're in some mad crazy radioactive snow melting part of scotland. like glasgow is built on sum dodgy wasteland or something that just heats everything up..

Ken said...

Your thinking of Dalgety Bay