Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Quel étourneau!!!

Yesterday I proved myself worthy of that title!
I feel like telling this story in bullet points! if that's possible?!

It all started when I went to catch the 43 bus that runs from the ferry to Edinburgh to meet a friend from school. I was already running late when I left the house since I was waiting for Christmas cards to dry...

- So I ran to the bp garage (just over 5 minutes away) to get money out but then discovered I had no money in my account!
- So I ran back home again to transfer money from savings to current account
- But then of course the account page decided to crash
- But after a lot of faffing about, I restarted the computer and it worked
- So ran back to the BP garage again and got money out
- But as I was coming out and walking towards the bus stop which is just across the road, the bus drove right past me so I had to wait an additional 15 minutes for the next bus.
- The result being that I was 40 minutes late to meet my friend

- Then the dizziness continued later on when I had to catch another bus which I had never caught before to a friends flat for my old bible study groups dinner as I went to the wrong side of the road to catch the bus and so missed the one I needed to get as it went past me whilst I was talking to the bus driver!

But on the whole twas a good day! Good quality chats and getting to see the uni flat o my school friend Laura, and as ever, coming back to me old bible study group and leaping straight back into endless slagging matches, trivial tangents, goooood food, and laughing fit inducing banter! Quality!

Managed to get into town ok today, so clearly have learnt my lesson!

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LLaws said...

lollol. Dish i never thought you were capable of such blondness! Glad your having fun! x x