Monday, December 05, 2005

Juste au coin de la rue!

3 words... CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't usually get this excited about Christmas this early. However several events of the weekend have precipiated anticipation in me...

- Playing the cello in the New Scottish at advent Christmas carol concert on Saturday night with veeeery good choir in beautiful candle-lit church
- eating mince pies and drinking mulled tea afterwards... mmmm....
- making gingerbread biscuits with Beth and singing carols at the top of our voices
- staring at fairy lights in my room (even thought they have been up since September!)
- singing Hanson medley accapella at Christmas carol practice for concert tonight at QM Halls
- eating gingerbread biscuits

Christmas this year is also my proverbial light at the end of a tunnel. Not that these past few weeks, and next few weeks are particuarly tunnel-like... just that I'm reeeeally needing a break!
Also starting to miss my family a wee bit!
And last year flying on Christmas day was not so fun, so I'm especially looking forward to being at home, and engaging in the usual nonsensical traditions! In fact, twill be the first time I've been home for Christmas since moving out.

The geese are getting fat.


nealb said...

well done for eventually getting into your flat this evening :o)

chiisai sutefu said...

I have a confession. I realised when I got home after the houseparty that you didn't look anything like my cousin, Anareka, but you were the spitting image of my childhood friend, Darshini, who was also a Tamil Sri Lankan. Going to her house was so confusing cos her mum looked like my mum. Weird! I put my mistake down to lack of sleep and the fact that it had been bugging me for ages who it was you reminded me of. Sorry! I feel like I've lied to you, but I was just terribly confused. :-(