Friday, December 30, 2005

Bizarreries de derniers jours! (tis a real french word, I kid you not!)

... the last few days has been full of these...

- Much noise and banter, particuarly when one eccentric uncle who hasn't ever really cooked before seriously exclaimed that he was going to write a book delving into the science of cooking; answering questions we all secretly have such as "Why does salt make things taste better?" and "Why do flour and water make dough"... apparently this will make cooking easier for those who struggle with it... hmmm...

- Appreciation of the Scouse accent in the form of a prospective cousin-in-law!
- Un peu trop de classic period dramas with my dear mother
- Un peu trop de sales shopping avec ma famille
- Un peu trop de lack of sleep
- Un peu trop de freezingness during a period of standing at the side of the M6 for an hour waiting for the RAC because my Dad was unable to loosen the screws connecting flat tyre to car.

Other than that... tis nice to be one of the "grown ups" in the British contingent of our family now. You see there's my sis, moi and then a 9 year age gap before the next youngest cousin! I was the baby that always had to go to bed early whilst all my teenage cousins got to stay up late! Not anymore!

Mwahahahaahahaha.... ha... ahem... clearly bizarrerie is contagious!


Andy said...

So...'bizarrerie'. Think I kike that word. Will have to see how many conversations I can get it into.

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Amandine said...

"Un peu trop de lack of sleep", I like that! Too much lack of sleep!