Tuesday, January 16, 2007

These errors made my day...!

When I explained the word "dinner ladies" one boy chirped up... "Il n'y a pas de dinner manies?"

"When you are popular lots of people come with hit him" (and knock on your door) had to be demonstrated before I understood what was trying to be said

"He is hating fishing" (hates)

"They give lots of things to we" (us)

And this beautiful argument made in a debate "Friends vs Family" made for Family -
I can hit my brother but if I hit my friend he re-hit me!" (hits me back)

Ah the joys of silly hyperactive 13 year olds with good imaginations :) heeheehee


Diana said...

Mme. Dish, que veut dire 'dinner ladies'? Merci.

Dish said...

Diana... in Scotland, when I was at school and even now (cos my sister still seems to use it) dinner ladies is indeed a commonly used phrase...

And re:blog post, one must say the sentences aloud removing all "h"s and extending clipped "i" sounds to "eeeeee" ("hit" becomes "eeet")in order to fully experience and delight in these errors. Merci ;)