Wednesday, January 17, 2007

la luge!

Despite this I finally made it to some snow

An hour and a half on a bus took us to a station de ski in fact

Yes, that's right... "station de ski"

This is what happens when it hasn't snowed for a week and a half and the snow from early January is starting to melt, and into these adverse conditions (snow of the kind that draws blood when you fall on it, beating hot sun) 3 relatively skint, multinational, complete beginners are set on a station de ski for the day...

We were the only people over the age of about 10 sleighing there that day. When I mention age I talk of the physical and measurable kind... not of the mental kind :)


Jennington said...

ahhh so jealoud of the snow! it snowed here for like 3 hours but didn't settle, rubbishness!

miss ya x

Anonymous said...
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