Friday, December 08, 2006

driven to blogging by bucket chucking in grenoble (glasgow style)

2weeks2weeks2weeks till I'm home!!!

Not that I'm not enjoying life here in Grenoble! This week has flown by what with 2 orchestra concerts avec this lovely outfit, what felt like a million rehearsals, spongebob square pants watchings, a fair bit of a tea, a bit too much chocolate, eating roasted chestnuts over a bin at le marché de noel, a wine tasting (at school of all places), advent calenders arriving by airmail, what must be worldrecordworthy long phone conversations to Ecosse, randomly playing for the 2006 version of this with lots of kiddy violinists, lots of very lovely classes, only a couple of slightly less lovely ones, beeeeeyoooootiful christmas lights... realising this again and again

smiley shiny smiley :)


Jim said...

so we now share the same weathersystems! fantastic. pissing it down here aswell lol

Lithgo said...

I'm doin the wrong subject visa vi jemapelle.

I hope they celebrate Christmas in france.