Monday, October 02, 2006


Our assistantship "stage" (training course) for the Grenoble region was held in a massive youth centre place in a ickle town Autrans which I think must subsist on trips like ours and on tourist ski-trips in winter.

Anyhoo... on this stage which had all assistants in the region in one place and I mean all assistants... of languages English, German, Spanish and Italian... I assumed that this would mean there would be assistants from Britain, Germany, maybe somewhere like Austria or Switzerland and of course Spain and Italy are a given.

I was wrong.

I spoke to assistants from... deep breath... Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, just about every state in the USA (loads of them from there!), Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Argentina, Germany, Austria, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Spain, Italy...

I learnt so many random facts about different cultures: from the ridiculousness of the American voting system to Argentinian prices in comparison to France, to Jamaican food to English/Scottish/US slang and there was even a guy from Glasgow uni who I hadn't properly met before with Glasgow-sickness to reminisce with!

Any excuse to wax lyrical about the aforementioned concept

Et enfin some much-missed pubbage was had

not quite uisge but equally banterous
though I must say, not liking this lack of smoking ban here, I didn't realise how much I'd become accustomed to getting home and night and not smelling like a chimney... tant pis

Aaaah and how could I forget!!!!
The food... was spendiferously spiffingly scrumdiddilyumptious! I exclaimed so much excitement and delight with every course that people started to comment..
. Bran, you would have been proud


Jennington said...

ahhh Dish we MISS YOU!
Glad to hear food was top, and I can totally identify with lack of smoking ban - welcome to England!

Were there any Jamcacian's like me?

jim said...

man.. cigarettes.. they even have ads here that encourage smoking as a family activity LOL