Thursday, October 12, 2006

Colis et Cellos

It has been a very exciting couple of days here in Dishland

1. I received 2 positively wonderful parcels from 2 positively wonderful people!

2. Turns out that hiring cellos isn't really that expensive after all in Grenoble and so...

(dish does dance round the table) I HAVE A CELLO!!!!! IhaveacelloIhaveacelloIhaveacelloIhaveacello!!!!

I have a CELLO

As you can gather I am just a little bit delighted by this


jim said...

! nice wan! i have to rent out the piano room at the halls complex at 50 euros deposit and 10 euros a MONTH! it's worse than BROADband!! lol. all good though. hope all's well j

Lithgo said...

i really want a cello now

nora said...