Monday, October 09, 2006


I have to say I have felt so incredibly welcomed by the church here in Grenoble! Every single Sunday since I have arrived here (yesterday was my fourth) I've had lunch with a family... though I must say yesterdays lunch was a little different from most...
You see, yesterday, I discovered not all French people have their hearts set on eating les grenouilles...

I met a young girl yesterday simply besotted with the creatures... The very first thing she said to me of her own accord was - "tu aimes les grenouilles?" Of course using my knowledge of French culture whilst employing Grice's maxims I replied with, I don't know, I've never tasted them, the response was not one which I expected.
After a fabby lunch, a raclette to be exact and some origami... of sorts

we went to a very beautiful conservation area pour chercher les grenouilles... apparently not always the easiest of tasks, in amongst feeding ducks, and skimming stones. I learnt so much new vocab such as....

une libellule - a dragonfly
un cygnet - a swan
faire un ricochet - to skim stones
faire du ski nautique - water skiing
ni oui ni non - the yes/no game (i finally managed to out trick the aforementioned young lady in the end though it took a while!)
un tetard - a tadpole

Meet Raphaelle... a well-developed tetard with budding legs

It was soooo nice to get out of the city even just for one afternoon! Beeeeeyoooootiful

There now leaps somewhere in a lake in Grenoble, a frog by the name of Dish


andy said...

So how do you play ni oui ni non?

Amandine said...

I love the "tetard"'s name! Raphaelle!