Tuesday, September 12, 2006

À tout oiseau son nid est beau

I’ve visited exotic lands
Of wide variety
Each exciting, different, rare
Delights all sense with colour, flare
Yet somehow I’m found unaware
A piece of heart is caught, ensnared
And then that gap… a question bares
Where is my heart at home?

I’ve lived in places that I love
Of familiarity
Steep myself in those I know
Friends and loved ones I adore!
Places along which I grow
Places, which I label home…
Knowing though, they are not so
Where then, is my home?

For somehow, still I’m wandering
I cannot settle down
You see, I’m subject to propulsion
Lumbered with a yearning yawn
Always wanting something more
Always searching for a place
Always never quite at home
Is that the end that waits me?

To be always searching for my home?
Aching for that “always more”?
A wanderer, until I find
Where sparrows nest and nurse their young
Where bouncers bounce in joy
Where one day betters all the best
Where my heart sighs… enough, to rest
where You are


andy said...

I like the new layout and the post's pretty good too! A little inspiration from psalm 84 peut-etre?

Jim said...

dish! i can't make it up ont thurs - sis is up for weekend on friday and have no money until dreaded loan and grant comes through!!! argh have a class time though and ill see you when we all meet up in paris. will get over to grenohbluh too - welcome also in freiburg anytime

Lithgo said...

Do to France what they did to Canada

Dish said...

and what would that be?!

Anonymous said...

I love it. will write you a wee analysis of it and you can see if i get the same as what you get from it. Cal

Alex said...

Dish, I know how you feel. Although sometimes I like to deny it, and hope that everyone else feels at home somewhere and that I will slowly be able to become like them. Alas, the charade cannot last long, and I am back to wrestling with 'where do I belong?', 'what should I do?', 'where should I go?'
Good work brother. My heart knows your yearning.

Alex said...

I mean sister... so sorry... mind elsewhere entirely! :)