Wednesday, September 06, 2006

t minus 10 days and counting

Thinking back to previous posts, I feel an apology is in order... I talk about the weather far too much! And I commence this post with patter about the weather once again. For although the sun may shine through the glass windows of the garage on today, my last working day there, the last few days have been a plain and simple, truetoGlasgow downpour! And I've loved it!

After weeks of sunshine it's nice to have a change, but to be honest I think the real reason I enjoyed the Glasgow weather so much because I know I only have a week and a half left.

Yes that's right blogosphere... a week on Saturday I leave for Grenoble, France... currently averaging in the late 20s/early 30s (celsius)... (not that I wish to gloat or anything... but I can almost feel an inevitable mwahahahaha rise to the throat! :P )
(Bear in mind however that Grenoble also has ridiculous amounts of snowfall during the winter and gets to ridiculously low minus temperatures too)

A week and a half left of rain perhaps... but also of:

- packing (my White Street stuff has to be moved out within the next couple of days and I haven't even started packing yet! waaah!)

- filling in silly forms
- visiting silly banks
- phoning silly ryanair (and pleading that they let me take Mr Cello on board!)
- seeing many silly and not so silly people in Edinburgh and Glasgow (I thought of putting a nice little hypertext link under silly and not so silly there, but couldn't think of anyone on the blogroll who I could class as being not so silly! :P )

Just one small question... how did it come on so fast?!?!

Thankfully I have a God who holds the world in his hands! And I know the following verse to be true... (I wish I could enact this out with all the actions that made it so memorable which I learnt at music camp this summer - you'll just have to make do with the words, pretty colours and insinuated vocal emphasis)

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you whereeeever you go." (joshua 1:9)


Jim said...

travel insurance for the year? any ideas? most companies only do one trip up to 30 days or annual up to 120 days. endsleigh maybe?

andy said...

Do they not have free healthcare in Friedburg?

Jim said...

Well you need an EHIC card for free european healthcare PLUS travel insurance on top of that cos im away for a year to Freiburg. the joy of forms

Dish said...

ehic card is easy to get... i got one just from going on the internet, and there's a site that gives you them for free... i didnt know about the travel insurance... i need some sort of insurance to rent out a flat in france which is silly!

Jim said...

yeah got the EHIC this morn thru post. waiting for form from education board to tell me about tuition fees and if theyll pay them for me - handed it in late in july and not march so it could be weeks, MONTHS even lol ah will b grand

John said...

The EHIC cards make life so much easier these days. Had one for skiing last winter.