Thursday, August 17, 2006

park diaries

A large portion of my summer has been spent in the park.

When I say "the park" however I am not just referring to one single patch of grass which I frequented. No I have tried my hardest to maintain a sense of diversity in my life. And have thus visited a handful of parks in the west of Scotland... and so I thought for those of you who desire some parkage whilst the sun still shines bright in Glasgow, I would include some craic on a few of my favourites.

- Dowanhill
Especially wonderful due to it's close proxmity to la rue blanche. Good for a quiet read as the chances of bumping into someone you know are minutely smaller than in other parks. It has swings and the taps are particuarly useful for waterfights!

- Kelvingrove
An old favourite, plenty of space and trees for slack-lining/tree-climbing/poi/silliness/frisbee action/football action/forbidden bbqs/surprise picnics

- The Botanics
The pigeons and children are extradorinarily friendly. There is a high chance that you will make a new friend if you take some bread of a ball of any size with you.

- Victoria Park
Worth a trek in order to experience it's wealth of "secret gardens", stunningly brightly coloured flowers and fossilised tree trunks. Also sports a very large pond in which it's seemingly legal to fish for tadpoles in.

- Hamilton Park
Hamilton believe it or not is a wonderful place...
brimming with motorways, streets with interesting poetry segements paved into them, and very bright purple flowers...

Take a trek for a while, you don't have to search for long before you find a lovely large expanse of green to sit on.

- Behind Glasgow University
Stunning views and relative peace and quiet make this a perfect for a spot of reading and philosophical chat.
If you run fast enough towards the flagpole you can just about make a mini-kite lift in the air for about 20 seconds.
And there's always the GUU just down the road if you wish to visit the loo/get some tap water from the beer bar.

Only a month left of Summer 2006: A summer of learning in green pastures.


andy said...

Of course now that the secret is out, Dowanhill will be packed!

Jim said...

lol 10/10 for original blog posting! greetings from starbucks a la coleraine style. hope all's well