Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Je ne vais pas tempêter

So on Sunday I get a txt from a friend with a spare ticket to see Radiohead in Meadowbank stadium in Edinburgh, apparently desperate to get rid of it... and so on Tuesday I do just that.
A veeeery long afternoon/evening of 3 fabdabbydosy bands

Memorable moments include:
- Getting confused between meadowbank and the football stadium in Leith
- Beck puppets moving in perfect synchronisation with their real-life counterparts
- Some glass/plate/table tapping accompaniment to acoustic guitar
- Winning the "how many people can I recognise/know at this gig" game (I'm sooo sad!)
- Much over-excitement from big bald guys with huge beer bellies over songs such as "creep"
- Walls of unusual tall people in all corners of the crowd
- Good asian style train journey back to the west, cramming us in everywhichway
- Listening to a crazy woman on the train describing the difference between a "munter" and a "muntor" to a complete stranger - "a muntor" apparently is someone who is part o your gang...

I refuse to wax-lyrical about radiohead, there are plenty folk more than willing to do that

Other things worth a mention

- Dish has another temp job (waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!) Working as a receptionist with a bunch of boys (sounds familiar) in a secondhand car garage
- Do not busk on Buchanan Street during the day, people are stingy, even if you stand on a bench with a cello and a guitar and sing "Hit me baby one more time" at the top of your voices in harmony


John said...

Ok, your photos are official amazing. I'm very jelous. Wish I could make random things look that good! Think I need a lesson or two. Radiohead - phenominal by the way. Perhaps teh greatest band ever. Can you name another one whos majority of songs are in 5/4 and 7/8?!?

Dish said...

one word - sufjan