Friday, July 07, 2006


In honour of the Frenchness of the last wee while consisting of:

- finding out exactly where I'm going to teach in Grenoble
- acquiring a French slang dictionary
- a 3 day English Language Assistant course (tips for teaching english, practising lesson planning, listening to long promotional talks about the "ohsouseful" online tools we could promote to English teachers when we're over there, meeting other cool assistants)
- acquiring an's arm length postitnote list of things to do before I go to Grenoble
- and writing 6 formal letters in French to 3 different schools this afternoon (bleeeeugh)

...I thought I would share with you a few snippets of joy from my slang dictionary

From the a and b sections

azimuté - crackers, barking, wacko (interesting choice of definitions)

se faire appeler Arthur - to get one's head bitten off

baba - flabbergastered or gobsmacked or hippy or ( in the context of l'avoir dans le baba) - to be had or conned

bachotage - cramming (something I have done often)

et tout le bataclan - blah blah blah

and for no other reason than the hilarity of the beautifully rhyming contextual example given - "et lui il se tournait ses pouces, a l'aise, Blaise!" - and he was, twiddling his thumbs without a care in the world! -
a l'aise
(easily, no problem, no probs)

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Diana said...

brilliant. I'll have to add those to my French vocabulary. Bien sur!