Tuesday, June 27, 2006

bric a brac mic a mac = perfect logic

- Random gigs rock the mike!
- Flatmates here and elsewhere rock the mike
- Chats with 55 year old women who have entertaining stories about their childhoods and upbringing rock the mike!
- Kids rock the mike (but they are hard work!) : Does anyone have any ideas of how to entertain the mostgorgeousbuthyperactiveandintoeverythingkinda one and a half year old, an opinionated six year old girl, a very shy eleven year old boy alongside 2 very entertaining sisters aged 8 and 9 to whom I'm know as "scuseme" and who all continuously demand my attention en même temps?!?! Your suggestions would be muuuuch appreciated!

Click on mes fantomes and Smile!

I did :)

P.S If you're going to pronounce mic as mike, spell it as such! Mac however does not = make :P


ailsa said...

oh dear.you maybe have much to learn about spelling then..mic=microphone(not mikerophone).look at signs saying 'open MIC night'.there is your proof.

Teapot said...

Hello, sir dishdosh
Was lovely to meet you and play with you on Saturday!& thank u for the hug- lol i am clearly a mess, sorry! We have ridiculous amounts of free time, it is very nice. hope you're having a good week