Monday, July 24, 2006


I somehow managed to acquire 2 balloon modelling kits in the last week.
Contents include: 2 balloon pumps, 3 instruction booklets, lots and lots and lots of balloons

So to end a day in the great city of the East with my good friend Jen, we picked up the kit and decided to have a go.... and we were hooked.

I would have taken many photos to show you exactly what wonderous models we made, unfortunately you will have to make do with my verbose descriptions and this picture here...

An illustrative example of what our models should have looked like... but didn't. Although our pink elephant wasn't far off that blue model there (a model that's probably supposed to be a dog)... We attempted and sort of managed to complete the aforementioned pink elephant (by far our best attempt) which looked more like a mouse, a 2 headed dog (that didn't start it's life off with 2 heads), a dog that looked more like a rat, attempted and failed a monkey, which I then tried to turn into a nessie... didn't quite work.

Balloon modelling is both easier and harder than it seems. Once you get over the intial terrified to burst it phase it seems fairly easy. You move from normal twists, to loop twists, pinch twists, toe twists and it's all fine and dandy... until you start to make animals.
You see... what they don't tell you is that giving animals the correct proportions is reeeeally rather tricky. Our monkey had arms 3 times longer than it's legs, the elephant started off with ears bigger than it's body...

These are your words of warning... for you competitive/persistent circus hooligans, it is addictive!

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dave said...

lol, looks like fun!
you can now generate the perfect birthday gifts - balloon portraits!

(in other news, you win the most consistant summer blogger award. well done! the cheque is in the post*)

*not really