Thursday, May 11, 2006


Talking of chilled atmospheric music, a suggestion (and shameless plug) for some musical accompaniment to your studying (or procrastinating) - my cousin and her husband. And if you liked any of that, have a look at some of their other projects.

What on earth has happened to Glasgow weather?!?!?!
.. There seems to be an overall and ever so slight decrease in beboage in the last couple o days. :D

Note to self: a + b + me = very silly late nights with very silly conversation

And now for some more sunshine...


Douglas said...

Love the music, shamless plug excepted.... Lovely and chilled out. Sunny afternoon classics.

nealb said...

humph..i thought the conversation was rather good.. !

(I would tend to add in several other factors into the equation..

s(a + b + c)

s=amount of sunshine
n=amount of sleep the previous night

and then of course there's "the doctor".. which probably ought to be factored in expoentially

what do you get if you integrate it or differentiate it michelle?

Michie said...

yeah, i don't think our conversation was too silly last time. (and the time before it was definitly because of (a+b+c)^((j+m+g+i)^dp)
g=geeky boys
dp=doctor pepper

oh, i've just got neals coment about the doctor. Perhaps an exponential inclusion would be more appropriate.

Maybe that could be a seminar project next year, the determination of the equation of silliness.

neal, what would you like me to differentiate/integrate it with respect to?

nealb said...

i think we need some complex numbers on the go.. afterall.. we are rather deep and intellectual at that time of the evening (unless jelly beans are present),

it should be differentiated of course with respect to Dr Pepper, the only thing that anything should ever be differentiated to (if the maths department even tried some of DrP, there's be no more of this silly dx business...)


its the way forward..

Michie said...

ah neal, you should have enlightened me with the wisdom in differentiating wrt DrP before my calculus exam this morning! I'm sure it would have made all the difference-

ok, rate of change of silliness with respect to DrP: (prior complex numbers-though there wasn't anything imaginary about the silliness that night,(or indeed that which is about to follow))

ln silliness=ln(a+b+c)^dp(j+m+g+i)
ln silliness=dp*ln(a+b+c)^(j+m+g+i)

then using implicit differentiation wrt drP

(keeping a,b,c,j,m,j,i constant)

therefore rate of change of silliness=(a+b+c)^((j+m+g+i)^dp)*ln(a+b+c)^((j+m+g+i)

nealb said...

i think matlab might be required for some 3d graphs. Some of the variables are fairly constant anyway..


j=jellybeans (number consumed)
m=maltesers (number consumed)
g=geeky boys (1)
i=internet (discrete variable - 1/0)
dp=doctor pepper (volume in ml consumed)

which gives
j= ~24
m= ~8
dp is being differentiated

and i need to get back to gastric functions (not a mathematical term)now.. so have to leave the caluations and graphs to someone else.

Michie said...

hmm, i think some of the constants should maybe be weighted differently, eg i propose you contribute more to the existence of silliness than dish or I :P and you combined with dr pepper needs special consideration...

but yeah, 3d graphs i think i'll leave for another night

Dish said...

I rest my case.

You forgot to add climbing rope to the equation!