Friday, May 19, 2006

(drawing by Mac, poem by Dish)

I hope that if you're feeling stressed
Mac's sunshine pic will lay to rest
a burden caused by too much work,
looming exams in misty murk.

It represents the week I think,
when sunshine reigned the Glasgow rink.
Such beauty drove our misery
right way back into history

Alas the sunshine did not last
But Ailsa Mac's is not yet past
It's shines on my sweet page just here
and fills us all with song and cheer!

Smile! :)


Clairy said...

the work of two great artists. fab

andy said...

That WAS a good week wasn't it?

andy said...

Oh and I like the poem by the way

Anonymous said...

Like the picture and your poem dearest daughter. Great that these last, not like the weather!

nealb said...

who were the band that you were talking about last night? I've forgotten..


Dish said...

Anonymous said...

Hey its your little Sister
wats up