Thursday, May 04, 2006

D'you see what rare but prolonged exposure to sunshine does to students!

Silliest weekend I've had in aaaaaages...

- Being fed fabby lasagne (Who ever said men can't cook?!)
- Actually getting some studying done in the park
- Slack-roping in the silly hours with these suspects
- Observing Fox and Cat (the latter of which Neal took a strong aversion to) in stand off
- A random drunk guy coming up to us and ending up chatting about the validity of the bible and Jesus

An afternoon/evening of
- More slack-roping
- Poying
- Me getting very frustrated whilst attempting poying
- Many other crazy antics
- BBQ on Great George St
- Reading The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe out loud (voiced by Beth - narrator, Almostadoctor McHardy - Mr Beaver/Morgrim the wolf Mac - Lucy/Susan Afroless man - Peter/Father Christmas, Tom - Peter (when the afroless man was Father Christmas) moi - Mrs Beaver/The White Witch)
- Baking a cake and watching Lost in Translation in the silly hours
- Getting hit on the back of the head by a pack of frozen sausages thrown by a certain doctor to be in an attempt to scare Michie into wakefulness (I still bear the bump!)

The sun was gone by Sunday... as was the silliness... siiiiigh

P.S Don't ever let Dr Breakey drink 2l of Dr Pepper in one evening. The consequences are quite frightening.

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andy said...

Can't believe nobody's replied to this yet. Guess I might as well be the first. Also, keep Mr Breaky away from lights!