Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Don't blame it on the sunshine!

even though I am tempted to:

this lightnessinmystepeyewideningglowinducing is not normal!

The last few days have been quality!

Voici les points forts...
- Crazy Dancing at the QM!
- silly TV and a jam at his!
- hanging out with non-blogging flatmate
- eating with lots of different people... mmmm...
- sunshine
- shopping with mother and sister
- finally getting round to getting a haircut
- sunshine
- playing a grand piano in the RSAMD
- 2 band practices
- sunshine
- sausages @ his
- getting my lab report in
- sunshine
- pretending to be a medic

In response to your comment Jonny... I did enjoy it! Though at times did feel a little out of place and was almost overcome by a strong desire to thrown in all those abbreviations I know "How was your PBL... Oh yeah I had him as my VS tutor... I spent all of yesterday in the SL"

Thankfully I didn't!



Sonja said...

scary medic ppl! we love them really - someones gotta!

Jonny B said...

Arrr, you are correct, apologies for the whole pirate talk tonight, just in a great piratey mood. Avas, for those lucky people who dont know what things arrrrrrrr: -

PBL: Pirates Battling Longhorn - basically we all get trained as pirates and we get to practice on the black pearl and sail against the evil pirate long beard. Alternatively Problem based learning, dont ask.

VS: Violent Swashbuckling. a 3hr session once a week learning about the vocational side of pirate life, such as how to sharpen swords, look after parrots and how to make yee walk the plank. or vocational studies, looking at ethicy, communication skills, stats things.

SL: Sea Lungs. Part of pirate training in which they tie you to the mast as you sail around the world. Or the study landscape: a hated place of much books, much chat and not much work on the go at all. avas.

Jim said...

love the way you refer to beth as the non-blogging flatmate! man i loved friday night. are we up for it again this week?? i am BIGTIME :D