Thursday, February 07, 2013

The 20 week scan

As this post title might suggest, this is a pregnancy related post. On Monday there, Mark and I went to see the wee one again. There are many strange things about the whole "goingforascan" scenario.

1. It's a little like going to view a fish in an aquarium.

The first time we went, I definitely felt like it was actually our baby there on the screen but not that it was inside me and that it was always there just that we couldn't see it. When we left the hospital it was like we'd left the baby there in the hospital and we'd be going to visit again in a couple of months time. It was like going to Deep Sea World and watching the fish swimming around behind a glass screen, or visiting a friend. This time felt very similar, although with a steadily growing stomach and having been feeling the wee one (a lot) kicking and squirming around, the idea that there is actually something in there is hitting home more.

2. You can see EVERYTHING.

When I say everything, I mean internal organs: brain, spine, kidneys, lungs, heart, ribs, you name it. I've never seen anyone's internal organs like that before let alone my own child's. It was riveting stuff!

3. You have to look away at a certain point if you don't want to find out the sex!

That's right. Just in case you see anything...

4. The 20 week scan photo can generate a lot (and I mean A LOT) of speculation from friends and family.

Speculation as to what gender it is is the main one. Does it have baby boy features or baby girl features?Everyone has had vastly different opinions on this front. There has even been talk of a sweep stake amongst some of our friends as to whether it's one or the other! Whose features has it inherited is the other cause for speculation. Now I am fairly convinced that it has a nose very similar to Mark's and I'm not the only one. But my grandmother has taken it a step further. Yesterday I received a text from her in response to having seen the photo: "Beautiful baby! Mark's nose and chin, your mouth". Ha!

If anyone wants to add their own speculative opinion to the mix, have a look for yourself and feel free to comment!

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