Saturday, January 05, 2013


Seems that blogging everyday during advent is only really possible when you're stuck in bed. I did write some posts by hand ready to post at the opportune moment then lost the notebook that I had written them in. Feeling that even if I found them now it's probably less than appropriate to blog about Christmas now that we're 5 days into 2013.

I have very different feelings going into 2013 than I have had any other new year. Now I essentially feel like a ticking time bomb of sorts. A tiny person has now taken residence in me and in around 5 months time from now will be making a grand entrance into our lives. Not that it isn't already affecting our lives now. I can no longer skip breakfast or get less than 7 hours of sleep without having to give up a meal's worth to a sick bowl, eating spicy curry results in irritating levels of discomfort, unpasteurised cheeses and red wine, to name but a few culinary delights, are off the menu (trip to France in a few weeks will be interesting!) and have a little rather reassuring stomach which seems to grow everyday regardless of how much or how little I eat. Now I've had it pretty easy compared to most but trying to juggle remembering everything that I need to remember and all the looking after myself with normal life and a job seems to be rather tricky. And let me assure you I am excited about meeting the wee one. Especially now that we have visual proof that it is actually real! At the scan it was already displaying a bit of cheeky personality, wriggling out of the radiographer's view, constantly swimming from one side to the other, then lying on its stomach, giving a little yawn/swallow. But I am in no hurry and I'm hoping the baby isn't too. At the moment I relish every lie-in, every spontaneous evening out, every party that we can so easily go to together, being able to play with friends' and relatives' children and not having to change a single nappy. Yes, 2013 is going to be a colossal life-changer.

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