Thursday, January 20, 2011

Narnia - a third post for a third film.

On special request from this lad : a post about the new Narnia film. Apparently since I blogged on all the other ones, I have to blog about this one too.

I have to say, I did enjoy it. Not aaas much as the other two. Unlike with some other book-films e.g. Harry Potter, I have been considerably more forgiving about the fact that they haven't exactly stuck to the book. Though... green mist!? To be fair, Voyage of the Dawn-Treader would be quite random if they hadn't tied it together with the green mist, get those swords on the stone table before it's too late thing.

And of bloggable material - I loved the way they portrayed the friendship between Reepicheep and Eustace. I loved how though Eustace dislikes Reepicheep from the start and Reep knows it, he's patient from the outset. And then when Eustace becomes a dragon, Reep's the only one that really gives Eustace time and makes much of an effort with him. I guess "grace" sums up the way he is with Eustace. I think that is what helps to transform Eustace's character. Apart from the fact that he's a dragon of course. Reepicheep is modelling (oh dear esol teacher speak!) what a real friendship is. It's probably the first Eustace ever has. Reep is with Eustace the way God is with us and the way I want to be with people I find difficult or who dislike me. Now that's loving your enemies. Now that's a slice of the beauty of life :)


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