Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lost and Found

I was so excited about this I had to blog about it!

This ring had been lost for over 3 months

Thought it was lost in the flat, raked the place and couldn't find it. We'd almost given up hope that we'd ever find it, thinking it might have slipped through our big creaky old floorboards, which our landlady probably wouldn't let us pull apart to look underneath.
But last week, in Dumfries of all places, it has been FOUND!

It had been in Mark's work bag - he'd been unassumingly carting it about with him the whole time!

Made me want to have a "Found the ring party" which reminded me of this wee story. A person is definitely more exciting than a ring and God loves people a loooot more than I love my husband's wedding ring - woooft!

Also on the subject of lost and found:

The result of a three week long Christmas holiday beard growing experiment.
Where is yonder missing patch of beard?!

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