Thursday, January 07, 2010

As brief a summary as I can give...

My life is so random at the moment and I never blog about it... I thought I'd at least try to briefly sum up some of what I'm doing now I'm not a student. I think anecdotes will make more sense that way. So here's what I'm doing, bullet-pointed roughly in order of the number of hours they occupy each week.

- Working part-time as a front of house dude for 2 of the big concert halls in Glasgow. Not exactly what you'd call an exciting job and I'm not exactly use my degree but I like the fact that I have a licence to smile at strangers and that 95% of them smile back. I also like that I work with a really down-to-earth hotch-potch of people.

- Wedding planning has risen in the list. It would have been close to the bottom just before Christmas... but trying to get invites finished has turned out to be a job and a half. 3 months though :)

- Teaching and tutoring. I'd been helping a friend understand his HNC computing coursework because his English isn't good enough to cope with the programming module. I'd get lunch usually with lots of fresh chilli in it, mmmmm, and sometimes an arabic lesson in exchange. He's just back in Glasgow after a stint in Oxford so hopefully we'll be doing that again soon! I also spend a morning a week teaching English at a fairly basic level to 2 students of a class of 10. I also love this! The girls I teach, a Nepalese and Ugandan, are becoming more and more comfortable with me and with each other. And comfort seems to have a fairly linear relationship with laughter! Plus they love learning! Opportunities are popping up so hopefully will be getting to do more of that in the future...

- A day a week working here. I love it! I love the feeling of community, washing dishes, working for one of my best friends, meeting new people every week, the free soup :)

- Hanging out with international students. Can't get away from it even though I'm not one anymore. Currently in the middle of kinda co-leading a welcome team from the CU, out to love a new set of internationals arriving in Glasgow for a new semester.

- Cello-teaching once a fortnight. I've currently got 2 pupils on the books, but only one I regularly see. I also really enjoy this - especially as she actually practises!

I think that sums up my regular "activites"... I haven't mentioned the more sporadic happenings - there are plenty of those!

There we go... man it feels good to get that into bullet-points!

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Davidos said...

oy oy

'kinda' co-leading? There is no 'kinda' about it!

As ever, could not have done much without you :)