Thursday, November 30, 2006

Communal bilingual dinner = Education to the max

Last night's Dinner Count

Anglophones: 4
Francophones: 5

Lessons on Pronunciation en français for Anglophones

The difference between dessert and desert is you pronounce the 's' in dessert like the 's' in snake and the 's' in desert like a 'z'

il y a plus de (they are more...) - prounounce the 's' at the end of plus
il n'y a plus de (they are no more...) - the 's' is silent

bouilloire (a kettle) is not pronounced like bruillard (fog)

Reims en France is pronounced Reins

New Phrases en français

ringard - closest french equivelant to word cheesy
anticonstituionellement - longest french word (I can say it!)
To say 'that's a shame' you can say quelle dommage or c'est ballot but not c'est dommage. The latter n'existe pas en français...

The Francophones learnt that

You cannot use Angletterre to describe all english speaking countries or even all British countries

Meaning of the words 'redneck', 'cheesy'

antidisestablishmentarianism - didn't teach them the meaning of that

The difference in pronunciation between 'angry' and 'hungry' - those 'h's are hard to say!
The difference in pronuncation between the 'i' vowels e.g in 'fit' as opposed to 'feet' (I'm not going to publish what words were actually being talked about there)

And it's all written on the unpainted wall as pictured above so no chance of forgetting!

Communal educational bilingual dinner = Badinage!!!

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Amandine said...

Reims? You met people from Reims?? That's where I live!