Friday, January 27, 2006


- With much sleep deprivation post-exam time was spent.

- With much splish, splash and moaning, la rue blanche traversed

- With far too much caffiene this week has crept by

- With plenty of music, as always... bien-sur

- With many potatoes an afternoon a la Burns, kept busy

- With many laughs that evening, a Burns play... played... silly

- And with an "oooooffff" and a "thud" a Glasgow drunk hurls himself over an underground station ticket barrier.

With not much of a bang, this term has started...


Andy said...

Decided it was about time somebody commented on this post. Sounds like not such a bad start although I probably would have used CAPITOLS for MOANING!

Dish said...

hey I didn't moan that much! Did I?! Thanks for commenting! :) I love getting them! Where is everyoooone!

Andy said...

Good question. What did happen to all the bloggers? Your lack of posts has made my pre-exam procrastination much more difficult than is usually the case!