Wednesday, June 19, 2013

D-day +??

D-day came and went and there was no sign of the wee one. We took the photo below in panic on the morning (hence why the bleary-eyes and just-out-of-bed hair) just in case the baby suddenly decided to make an entrance and we had no full-term bump photos. Really didn't need to worry about it. It's a strange feeling when you have a date in the calendar for months and months and it turns out just to be a normal day like any other. I have to say I really enjoy the look on peoples' faces when they ask me questions like "How are far along are you?" and I tell them my due date was on Monday. Everyone does a double-take. Some people take a half step back in trepidation as though my waters will explode dramatically and I'll double over with sudden immense contractions in that moment before their very eyes - ha!
Have to say, this kind of take it a day-as-it-comes lifestyle suits me down to the ground. I'm that unusual breed of person who's more likely to get stressed by plans and knowing that something's going to happen on a particular day than not knowing. That said, I would like this baby to start arriving soon by itself and not have to be forcibly induced... (10 days remain before it comes to that). Saying that I think it's my body that's not doing the job rather than the baby. It kicks and squirms and elbows me in a letmeoutofhereI'msquished kind of way! Yes wee one, I also feel like there's not enough space in there for you any more. Being kneed in the ribs on a daily basis is becoming less and less comfortable as you seem to be getting progressively bigger and bonier.
Of course all the dubious natural induction old wives tales are being thrown at me left right and centre: hot baths, sex, raspberry leaf tea, consuming copious amounts of pineapple (Apparently 7 whole pineapples is the optimum number... tricky.), lots of walking, jumping up and down a bit.
Quote of today has to have come from my grandmother who phoned today from Sri Lanka and couldn't understand how I could still be so active and yet this baby hadn't decided to arrive yet. "Are you drinking milk? Drink plenty of milk and the baby will also get the milk and then will come out." I'm still trying to work out the logic of that one...

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