Monday, December 03, 2012

A little inspiration when feeling sick

I've been in bed since yesterday morning with the dreaded sick bug, throwing up everything I eat that isn't cream crackers or Shreddies. These are three things which have brought me a LOT of joy, excitement and inspiration in that time which I want to share with you on this, the third day of advent.

A short inspiring article about people, lonely and desperate finding home in another's family. I can't put into words the passion I have for this.

A cracking documentary "Solar Mamas", part of the Why Poverty series currently being run by the BBC, which again covers a subject I am passionate about, and reminded me of a handful of my fabulous ESOL students (inspiring women with little or no edcuation, illiterate, little or no family or community support, but determined to learn, to better their lives and for the good of their children.) A must-watch!

A beautifully written Christmas song. Lyrics here. Love came down. Nuff said.

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