Monday, June 06, 2011

A pretty place to visit

If you'd like to visit the Isle of Mull, some advice for you:

- Mull is an island but it's still quite big. Booking one B&B on the south west of the island and another on the north when you're on bikes and not super-strong cyclists, is not a good idea. (thank goodness for googlemaps, it saved us just in time!)

- Mull is pretty but very hilly. Therefore, cycling long distances having not cycled for a while can be very painful especially when cycling against the wind.

- Don't trust the weather forecast. Fortunately we had it the right way round. Tis always nice when the weather forecast says nothing but "thundery showers" the day before you leave and you are pleasantly surprised whenever there's a patch of blue sky and even more delighted when there's nearly a whole day and a bit of sunshine (not to dissimilar to daily life in Glasgow really!)

- Try the cheese. It's yuuum!

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andy said...

Love the photos :)