Friday, November 06, 2009

the "twentysomething" crisis

So I've kinda hit that point. In amongst the random bits and bobs that was supposed to be feeling out the right path that I should take , I've hit that that kinda of "eekamIdoingwhatIshouldbedoingwhatamIsupposedtobedoingwithmylifenowthatI'mgraduatedI'msupposedtobe"grownup"thing!... Jamie Cullum puts it pretty well...!

And through it all He keeps whispering in my ear "Follow me" along the path that is narrow, that might be highly unconventional, or annoyingly conventional, that could lead through some pretty dark and barren places, but a way that is faith, truth, hope, love, that is freeing, that satisfies far more than a fulfilling job, a good marriage, exciting experiences, wonderful friends, a way that is knowing Him. And I'm realising that small things and individuals are just as important as "careers" and "postgrads" and that it's ok not to know my immediate destination right now if my eyes are fixed on Him. :)

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