Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A minute selection of highlights of 2008 (those few moments when I remembered I had a camera)

L->R: study sesh in the park with psych coursemates on a beautiful May day, one of many international dinners with 07/08 crew, one of many international parties with 08/09 crew, sister and I on the beach during music camp, "jellyfish" illustration in pictionary, the classic CU Houseparty photo, Glasgow Westend Festival parade day in June, Mads' hen party, 10 eating lunch in a tent porch at Forum, Lied jamming in my living room, celebrating my birthday with the family, admiring a rainbow at forum, silly dancing with the boys at the headphone disco, Mark and me.

Bring on 2009... year of new things!

My one resolution is that I live this year fully living, fully loving, with eyes wide open looking up and out...

Please help me


michie said...

I'm amused that the lunch in the tent is a highlight of your year... :)

Dish said...

comic highlight :)