Wednesday, April 02, 2008


This post has been a long time in coming... I gush enough about these guys in person I may as well do it in a blog.

So from left to right...
Loik - Breton guitarist extraordinaire (also has a remarkable talent for french pffffffffffffts)
Ilhan - dutchman with east kilbride accent is provider of pistachios, also perfectionist drummer (I forget what kind of drum it is), recorder and author of the "bits analyses"
Elaine, scottish lass with beautiful voice and remarkable talent for making up melodies on the spot to beautiful chords that Loik plays
I cello and giggle (both of which get caught on cheap mp3 player) and eat most of the pistachios (they're as addictive as biscuits ;P)

Together we jam and laugh and eat pistachios and jam some more, and everytime we jam a new song is spontaneously sparked. So we record it, Ilhan emails them to us complete with a bits analysis e.g "3.56-3.58 - perfect guitar bit" and we can then play and refine and play and refine some more...

aaaaaaaah I love it! (in case you hadn't already guessed) :)


Forge said...

I will be in bits when these guys leave. Like freen a oer agin.

Are guys supposed to say that?

Better make this totally anonymous.

lithgo said...

translation: these guys are indeed cool i hope they never leave.

Dish said...

well you failed hopelessly on the anonymous front :P I will be also... :"(

post said...

I'm already preparing a massive bulk order of chocolate from Thorntons. The plan is I'll be too high to feel pain ;p

But whats pain cos it is, ever was and has been *such a privelege*.

Dish said...

:) I wholeheartedly concur!