Thursday, January 10, 2008

Films of 2007

Reading and hearing other peoples thoughts on what their favourite films of the year 2007 have been has spurred me on to create my own list... the only thing is a couple of these I saw last year weren't actually released last year. (The joys of french release dates)

In no particular order

Films that I enjoyed the most in 2007

Most moving and thought-provoking
- The Kite Runner (and they stuck very closely to the book :) though they missed out some of the most gruesome bits)
- Life of Others

- Little Miss Sunshine easily one of my favourite films of all time! (saw that in france this year although it was released the year before)
- Run Fat Boy Run - Miles better than I thought it would be! Touching and funny!
- Ratatouille - wonderful treatment of stereotypical france, though (a mon avis) tarnished by the inconsistency in and appallingly bad french accents!

Most exciting, kept me at the edge of my seat (also most attractive actors heehee)
- Bourne Ultimatum
- The Departed (ditto with the France thing)

Film that made me most want to sing and dance like a madwoman
- Hairspray (yes I know!)

Weirdest Film I saw this year
- The Golden Door - one of those films that "doesn't do what it says on the packet"

Films that were released last year and I wanted to see but didn't
Once, The Counterfeiters, La Mome, Simpsons Movie, La Science des Reves

Bitterly disappointed by -
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, The Golden Compass (though both were ok films, they just didn't compare to the books), Spiderman 3 (just plain mince)

Bring on Prince Caspian!


nealb said...

definately, definately find yourself "once" and watch it..!
It's the ultimate buskers film (and the music is soooo good!)

There's this one scene where one person's teaching another person a song.. it so perfectly captures that jamming aptmosphere.. aaaaaaah... so goooood!

andy said...

my how this post look familier! almost like I could have seen it somewhere else :p

emma said...

you HAVE HAVE HAVE to see once... drop everything and go now...

CresceNet said...

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David Lithgo Finni Forrest said...

ratatoile leaves a bad taste in the mouth

its not even funny! Nor is there any true sense of peril.

a girls only film
for once can't blame the french

Dish said...

I went and saw with ratouille with a boy actually and he enjoyed it! I'm not sure what that says though :D

Nora said...

man you saw so many!! lucky you darlin!! i had like no time. i think i watched like less than 5. haha

i heard u were in the lib with dilbo! hehe so cute, two wee lubly ppl, studyin hard, sharin sweeties. aww.

misisng ur cello babe! and your chat.... xxx