Thursday, March 01, 2007

la ville d'amour

The contributing factors to delightful entertainment on a 5 day séjour in paris...

- Meeting randoms, french and english speaking (even if most of them are medics! :P )
- Staying with randoms, french and english speaking. You may find yourself in some interesting places...
- Eating out in random quartiers... from the posh Jewish area to Parisian bohemian to what ressembled mini India.
- Finding pockets of free decent live music... in bars, churches and flea markets
- Give a couple of gorgeous french children piggybacks round the Notre Dame
- Waiting for the Metro


Staring contests on the metro

- Taking cheesy tourist photos by famous landmarks (and inviting pfffts and snorts of disapproval from your french friends)

- Taking silly photos by famous landmarks (and laugh at your french friends who are keeping themselves at a distance and pretending not to be with you)

- Taking photos of silly things such as enormously fat pigeons and thematic traffic lights

Activities which I've found to be not so entertaining in Paris (or anywhere else in France for that matter except Grenoble)

- Trying to find the Tourist office


David F said...

they oughta give you a big 24 hour exam for this!

Jennington said...

love the look of the underground, looks far more civilised then Glasvegas, more like... erm LONDON! woo woo!

Cal Bar said...
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Cal Bar said...

Cant say i approve of being silly taking random photoes of stuff. I think we ought to be stern and reserved especially in other countrys. Also we should not be hypocritcal and lead by example. If you think there is anything wrong with what i've said please give me a cup of tea. All good. Cal :)

Dish said...

if you so desire I could publish many photos on this blog that demonstrate both your hypocrisy and would merit you a cup of tea? :P